Kubernetes role for Orchestration in Click2Cloud’s Extension for Visual Studio 2015


What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open-source platform for automating deployment, scaling, and operations of application containers across clusters of hosts.


Kubernetes Architecture

Kubernetes Architecture

The figure above describes the architecture followed by Kubernetes. API server exposes services which could be used by other components. The API server is stateless. APIs can be accessed using kubectl command line interface (CLI) or AJAX based web interface. Individual Kubelet processes run on each physical machine which is used to manage pods (explained in coming section) on its system. Furthermore, a scheduler is used to schedule pods onto machines based on a scheduling algorithm.


Kubernetes in OpenShift 3

Kubernetes is the key component for managing and ensuring the reliability of application deployments in OpenShift 3. It orchestrates and schedules, container deployments across a cluster of server hosts. It also automates container health management. Kubernetes uses defined model and automated controllers to bring the power of web scale container orchestration and management to OpenShift 3 users.

OpenShift V3 Architecture

OpenShift V3 Architecture



Role of Kubernetes in Visual Studio 2015 Dev-Ops Extension for OpenShift 3

In our Visual Studio 2015 Dev-Ops extension, we have used Kubernetes’s orchestration mechanism which is native to OpenShift 3. Kubernetes allows node repurposing, and node alignment. It also offers features as; Web front end server management, Middle ware management, IP load balancing, etc. All these features have been embedded in the Dev-Ops plugin along with the ‘port forwarding’. This plugin provides an easy to use interface to manage and deploy your .NET and many other applications to OpenShift 3 PaaS, straight from your Visual Studio IDE.

Kubernetes for Orchestration in Click2Cloud DevOps Extension - Updated


So, go ahead and deploy this Extension from Microsoft Visual Studio Gallery, that will make developer life simple.

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