Click2Cloud Docker Container & Kubernetes based OpenShift 3 Enterprise Tool for Visual Studio 2015

Click2Cloud Docker Container and Kubernetes based OpenShift 3.X Enterprise Tool for Visual Studio 2015

Click2Cloud’s Docker Container & Kubernetes based Visual Studio 2015 Extension for Red Hat OpenShift 3 Enterprise

Click2Cloud Visual Studio 2015 Tool; bring Docker and Kubernetes based containerized .Net application to OpenShift 3 Enterprise. Our DevOps solution, allows developers to build, manage and deploy containerized .NET and lot more other applications straight from Visual Studio IDE to Red Hat’s OpenShift 3 Enterprise Cloud Platform.

This is pre-release version of OpenShift 3 Tool for Visual Studio 2015. To participate in beta and use our development infrastructure, kindly register from

For more details, you can mail us at or contact at +1 (425) 749-7495 and +1 (425) 748-9666. You can also visit our to get insight of tools and FAQs .

Watch our YouTube Playlist to see how easy it is to develop and deploy application on OpenShift 3.X using Click2Cloud’s OpenShift 3 Enterprise Tool for Visual Studio 2015.



Software Pre-requisites

Following are the software pre-requisite to install the Click2Cloud OpenShift 3 Enterprise Tool for Visual Studio 2015 tool and manage your application on OpenShift 3 Enterprise.

Hardware Pre-requisite

  • Processor: Intel Core i3 (or above for better performance)
  • RAM: Minimum 8 GB (or above for better performance)
  • Hard disk: 10 GB Minimum

Additional Resources

Along with Click2Cloud OpenShift 3 Video Gallery , you can also refer the getting started documentation accessible from New OpenShift Application screen.

The getting started document provide user with step-by-step approach to install and use the tool. It covers the following section;

  • Pre-Requisites Software’s required to install the plugin
  • Step-by-step details on installing GitHub Extension for Visual Studio 2015
  • Guidelines to Install Git for Windows and OpenShift 3 CLI
  • Procedure to download OpenShift Tool for Visual Studio 2015
  • How to Install and Activate OpenShift Tool for Visual Studio
  • Create Your First Application on OpenShift and Manging Projects
  • Deploying Application Changes and Build
  • Log Streaming and Stream Application Logs
  • Stream Build Logs
  • Open Terminals and Port-forwarding

The Getting started document is also available on Click2Cloud website, and can be directly accessed from here .

Guideline to enable .NET in OpenShift 3 Environment

Follow instructions at to enable .NET on OpenShift 3.X Environment.

Launching Click2Cloud OpenShift 3 Enterprise Tool for Visual Studio 2015

Once installed, system will display a success message and you can access the Click2Cloud Extension from menus of Visual Studio Console.


  • Support to login to OpenShift 3 using basic and oauth protocol
  • Create and manage projects in OpenShift 3
  • Create new OpenShift application from server template
  • Support to create new OpenShift application from custom template
  • Support to open existing application from OpenShift 3 and load in Visual Studio 2015
  • View WebHook URL for newly created application as well as retrieve it for already running application
  • View Pod and build Logs from OpenShift Explorer
  • Start Build from OpenShift Explorer
  • Support to host application on https
  • Port Forwarding from OpenShift Explorer
  • Launch Terminal option from OpenShift Explorer
  • JSON Editor Integration with OpenShift Explorer

Known Issues

  • Auto refresh in OpenShift Explorer not working in few scenarios
  • OpenShift Explorer design issue for different themes
  • In some scenarios Live streaming of Build Logs is not working

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