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Clouds studio is a collection of software that performs different operations related to cloud computing. Cloud studio provides an organized collection of multiple software packages which is useful for cloud computing operations.

Cloud studio is place where user will get different function related to cloud computing operations. Click2Cloud provides CloudBrain. CloudBrain is tool which brings all the cloud providers on a single platform. With CloudBrain one can use all cloud providers services with help of different studios. For example, if someone wants to migrate data from one cloud to another cloud then CloudBrain will suggest the appropriate cloud to user and proper procedure to migrate data from one cloud to another. For overall cloud computing operations, we need following four cloud studios and many more features have been provided by CloudBrain.

Cloud brain mainly consists of following four types of studio.

  1. Cloud Advisory Studio
  2.  Cloud Infra Studio
  3.  Cloud Cost Studio
  4.  Cloud storage studio

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Figure 1. Cloud studio

Cloud advisory studio is also known as customer advisory platform. The cloud advisory studio is basically do all primary analysis of system and suggest the most appropriate solution for user. Cloud advisory studio will perform the assessment of the business with its all related parameters. It also performs the business value analysis. This advisory studio will suggest which is right cloud provider from available once. Cloud advisory studio provides appropriate cloud provider on defined selection and procurement process appropriate weighted towards your unique set of needs.

The cloud advisory studio primarily studies the complete business profile. Cloud advisory studio will check the compatibility between the clouds. This cloud assessment will take the care of cloud migration parameters, assessment of different licenses, security parameters. After studying and analyzing the complete system, cloud brain will suggest best cloud provider with cost associated with it. We can say cloud advisory studio accelerate the deal. This advisory studio will give clear cut picture of efficient cloud provider.

Second important part of cloud brain is cloud infra studio. Whatever solution will have been suggested by cloud advisory studio will be implemented in cloud infra studio. Infra studio provides the cloud infrastructure i.e. software, virtualization, storage and hardware components required for cloud computing. Cloud infra studio provides the components needed for cloud computing. Cloud infrastructure offers the same capability as physical infrastructure but can provide additional benefits like a lower cost of ownership, greater flexibility and scalability. Cloud infra studio create and manage instances, cloud networks, storage volumes. It consists of many software developments kits which helps integration of cloud components. Through cloud infra studio user can create their own IT infrastructure. This provides more flexibility in infrastructure design, as it can be easily set up, replaced or deleted as opposed to a physical one which requires manual efforts. Cloud infra studio analyze complete system automation and integration with existing orchestration tools.

Cost cloud studio is the essential part of cloud brain. Cloud cost studio operates on cloud billing management, cloud cost comparison and optimization. In billing management continuous monitoring of cloud resource consumption with cost takes place. Also charge back report can generates. This charge-back report can be help manager to monitor the resource consumption in team and can take appropriate decision to use resources wisely and effectively. Optimization provides comparison and probable bill of cloud. Optimized report will give idea to user about future cost of bill. Next very important and useful feature of cloud cost studio is cloud compare. This function will provide the comparison among the cloud providers. And will suggest best cloud on the basis of cost, security, functions etc.

Cloud storage studio brings one of the amazing Storage platforms where one can easily manage, store, retrieve, manipulate large amount of data in one single platform. CloudBrain environment provides two types of storage namely block storage and object storage. Cloud storage studio gives advantages that you need not worry about how much storage you are going to use in the future. One can store as much data as he wants and access it whenever you need it at anytime and anywhere. Cloud storage studio provides multiple copies of customer data on multiple devices so there is no worry about losing valuable data. CloudBrain storage feature easily recover complete data if some data accidentally gets deleted or any application gets failure. Click2Cloud’s CloudBrain Storage retrieve same data from other available copies. You only pay for the storage you used. There is no extra charge or setup cost required.

CloudBrain works with help of four studios. To accelerate business deal cloud advisory studio, help the user to take wise decision. Cloud infra studio speedup the delivery velocity of building of virtual infrastructure. Cloud cost studio helps user to monitor on cost consumption, best cloud selection as per their need and budget. It gives probable future billing i.e. optimization of future cost. All these four studios are very important part of cloud brain. All these studios accelerate the cloud computing deal, implement it and monitor all cloud resource consumption’s and cost to produce reports for user. This is very useful for customer for selection of best cloud by using these cloud studios and help enterprise for scaling the business in next level.

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