General Announcement of Click2Cloud’s Cloud Brain A Multi-Cloud Management Platform

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Click2Cloud family is happy to announce the product Cloud Brain a multi-cloud management platform. A unified platform which offers significant technology infrastructure services to help users build refined applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability.

Click2Cloud’s Cloud Brain has created a level playing field and choices for their users and end customers using simplified multi-cloud management platform. Now, user can perform migration and save money on multiple clouds.

This platform also helps users to control their cloud spends by optimizing the utilization patterns of their cloud services in order to identify excess or shortcomings in service allotments, so that they can right-size their infrastructure based on their performance target.

Cloud Brain offers users with its amazing features which includes:

  • Compute
  • Topology
  • Cost Manager
  • Migration
  • Compare
  • KubeM
  • Orchestration
  • Storage
  • Monitoring
  • Containerization
  • CAP

Features of Click2Cloud’s Cloud Brain:

Cloud Brain offers a unified level for a multi-cloud management platform and has created a level playing choice for its customers. It offers users with amazing features like CMAAS, CAP, Cost Compare, Migration, Billing and so forth. Consumers can also use billing, charge-back and cloud comparison analytic features.

The dashboard of Cloud Brain provides with the details of different clouds for example AWS, GCP, Alibaba, Azure, OpenStack, etc., Storage, Database, Container, Data Centre and Network.

Cloud Brain has features like compute, topology, migration, monitoring and so forth.

  • Compute: The compute feature shows the count for number of Flavors, tenants, images, instances, available zones, security groups, cloud networks, cloud volumes. Also, under compute users can see the number of instances and its details which consists of VM details, name, operating system, VM template and so on. Further, one can create instance, delete, update and so on. The lifecycle dropdown helps to create an instance.
  • Topology: The topology section shows users the graphical representation of all the VMs, Availability Zones, Tenants etc., of different cloud providers; like Alibaba, AWS, Azure, OpenStack, Orange, Telefonica, etc.,
  • Cost Manager: The Cost Manager helps users to manage their cloud cost depending on their resource usage, it provides the facility of Billing and Optimization. Billing helps user to know about the cost of compute, storage, CostTrend for multiple cloud accounts and gives the detailed invoice report of all services including price, usage, consumption and amount in PDF format. Also, user can check the cost of different services in graphical format Billing helps customers to know about the cost of compute, network and storage for multiple cloud accounts.
  • Migration: Migrate workloads from different platforms to any clouds like on-premise, private or public clouds in real-time and without stopping production. The solution provides consistent replication from any source to any target platform. Click2Cloud’s cloud brain offers users with cloud, virtual, database, storage, physical to cloud, virtual to virtual and infra migration scenarios.
  • Compare: Click2Cloud’s cloud brain cloud compare feature will help users to identify the overall compute, storage and networking estimated cost from various different cloud providers. With the help of comparison report user can see the total services, APIs provided for interfaces by different cloud providers.
  • KubeM: KubeM is a web-based UI for accessing Kubernetes clusters. Click2Cloud’s Cloud Brain KubeM is a web-based user interface. It allows users to manage applications running in the cluster and troubleshoot them, as well as manage the cluster itself. KubeM displays the running and stopped containers, number of downloaded Docker images, running Services and number of volumes, Secrets and networks. A user doesn’t have memorize k8s commands. Everything can be done from the Console itself.
  • Orchestration: Orchestration Service helps you simplify the cloud computing resource management and automate O&M i.e. cloud resources can be created, deleted, modified by using simple json template. With the orchestration, user can automatically create and configure all resources for automatic deployment, operation, and maintenance according to your template.An orchestration template is a text file in JSON format that you can read and edit at any time. You can compile your template in JSON directly.
  • Storage: Click2Cloud’s cloud brain provides storage feature where user can easily add, connect any block storage device using one click. Helps in management of data lifecycle to move data across storage tiers and archival for long term retention. Volume lifecycle management using block storage management service of cloud brain which utilizes hotpot project and using that one can use their device and perform operations like create volumes, delete volume, update volume, create snapshot, backup to any S3 compatible cloud service.
  • Monitoring: Customers often wants to keep the systematic review of their data usage, Click2Cloud’s cloud brain offers users with its great monitoring feature where one can keep the record of overall CPU usage, total network usage.
  • Containerization: User can containerize source code in few hassle-free steps which helps to reduce the deployment efforts, it is user-friendly, this feature of cloud brain supports 50+ builder images.
  • CAP (Customer Advisory Platform): CAP provides organisation to exploit hybrid technology while innovating and delivering business value. CAP has four different Phases viz. Market Research, Assessment, Cloud Cost Estimation and Migration Plan & Support. Click2Cloud’s customer advisory platform (CAP) helps for potential customers and existing cloud customers who wish to migrate their data to any cloud. Customer advisory platform with its technical assessment saves the time and cost of overall technology and cloud architecture by total cost of ownership and return on investment.
  • CMAAS: Click2Cloud Migration as a Service, CMAAS is a migration assessment platform. It helps users to smoothly migrate their virtual machines, databases and other applications from source to destination cloud.

Why to Choose Click2Cloud’s Cloud Brain?

  1. This can save total cost of ownership over 62% a year by moving your infrastructure. Click2Cloud’s Cloud Brain is the multi-cloud management platform, where consumer can manage multiple cloud accounts under one single platform. It allows centralized management of various virtualization, private cloud, public cloud, containers and software defined technologies also, allows helps in comparison between different cloud providers.
  2. It provides with cost savings and productivity enhancement from cloud migration where it saves software cost, labour cost, maintenance cost, infrastructure cost.
  3. Click2Cloud cloud management platform has more efficient IT staff operations, downtime, applications delivery and so forth.
  4. This platform provides with data centers, database, storage, multiple cloud providers, network and container.

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