Migrate On-Premise Workload on Alibaba Cloud for your Business-Critical Needs Using CloudsBrain

Introduction Most organizations have on-premise infrastructure/applications burdened with high capital expenses, complex management, scalability challenges, and hardware that needs to be replaced every 3-5 years. Maintaining existing on-premise infrastructure results in increased operational process and drains IT budgets for organizations that are already cost, and resource-strapped. With these on-premise challenges, enterprise IT organizations wants to […]

What’s New in CloudsBrain to Migrate your Workload from AWS to Alibaba Cloud

Overview CloudsBrain helps you to migrate on-premises environment, hosting facility, or other public cloud workloads like servers, applications, and databases to the Alibaba cloud. This article summarizes new releases and features as part of this release. CloudBrain provides a user interface which helps in the migration process with few easy steps, backed by a team of […]

Integration of Alibaba Cloud as a Back End in SODA Foundation Multi-Cloud with CloudsBrain

Before the integration of the Alibaba Gelato project of OpenSDS does not support the object management on the OSS service of Alibaba. This blog embellishes the integration and Click2Cloud contribution with Alibaba cloud as a back end in OpenSDS/ multi-cloud. The Gelato project of the SODA Foundation supports object operation performance, lifecycle management, and object […]

Significant Trends for Reliable, Fast Multi-Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the delivery of on-demand IT services that includes computing, storage, servers, databases, software, and applications over the web that provide innovations, flexibility, and scalability in business. It has become one of the most adopted platforms with its enabled digital transformation that resulted in fast growth and improved productivity of IT business. Though […]

Integration of SODA with CloudsBrain as Storage Management Module

The Linux Foundation endowed in 2000, which is supported by more than 1000 members is open-source software that is collaborated with the world’s leading open-source cloud providers, storage vendors, etc. Linux Foundation is an open standard, open data, and open hardware platform. Its projects are critical to the world’s infrastructure including Linux, K8’s, Node.js, and […]

Southbound Plugin – A SODA Foundation Integration with CloudsBrain

Introduction South-Bound plugin i.e. SBP is an important and remarkable integration of SODA Foundation block storage management service to Click2Cloud’s CloudsBrain. It is also called Hotpot project is the part of SODA Foundation that deals with volume management for block storage devices like Ceph, LVM, Dorado, Oceanstor, Netapp E-Series, and many more hosted in user’s […]

Blockchain-as-a-service (Baas), a Platform to Facilitate Business Development

Technology in every stream is growing excessively. Be it at the information technology arena, government sectors, astronautical, research, and education department, the technological revolution touching the highest peak in every business sector. Whether talking about 4G or 5G, infrastructure-as-a-service, or software-as-a-service, the market rate of technology growth has pushed businesses and enterprises to cope-up with […]

Cloud Computing Architecture – A Blueprint of Cloud Infrastructure

MODERN WORLD USAGE With the advancements in technologies, cloud computing has become one of the most trending platforms which are driving the world in recent times. Cloud is everywhere, may it be your mailbox, dropbox, google drive, e-commerce applications, or bank transactions. Public internet or digital networks are responsible to deliver cloud computing resources. Users […]

API-A Mediator Seamlessly Integrating Cloud Environments

A great analogy says that API (application program interface) is the oxygen for the seamless life of cloud services. Being one of the most important elements in cloud computing, it accomplishes all the needs, from sharing a huge amount of data to providing high efficiency in project management, data storage, and platform security. Organizations have […]