Cloud Management Platform

There are many businesses use cloud-based applications as an effective way to optimize IT costs, by leveraging their pay-as-you-go model. Today, cloud-based platforms are used to manage multiple departmental needs such as project management, data sharing, notification systems and collaboration. Now-a-days many industries use number of industry-specific needs such as analytics, big-data processing, reporting and […]

Virtual to Cloud Migration approaches

What is Virtual to Cloud Migration? A Virtual Machine is an independent server module (Operating System + Application) that generally run in independent servers. But with Server Virtualization, it is possible to run multiple Virtual Machines in a single (high capacity) server. In this process, each Virtual Machine thinks that it is running on its […]

Sharepoint Modern Framework

SPFx webpart project structure: SPFx webpart can be developed using TypeScript. What is TypeScript? TypeScript is the primary language for building SharePoint client-side webparts. TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript. SharePoint client-side development tools are built using TypeScript classes, modules, and interfaces to help developers build robust client-side webparts. […]

Quick integration and deployment using Spinnaker

Spinnaker is an open source multi-cloud Continuous Delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence. Spinnaker is designed with pluggability in mind; the platform aims to make it easy to extend and enhance cloud deployment models. To create a truly extensible multi-cloud platform, the Spinnaker team partnered with Google, Microsoft and Pivotal […]

OpsDesk service for managing infrastructure deployment

OpsDesk Service will manage infrastructure deployment for cloud administrators. The service will automate deployment configurations and operational tasks for distributed applications. With OpsDesk service, cloud administrators and developers will be able to define the infrastructure and resource configuration such as storage and database options and then select the operating system and instance type on which […]

SharePoint Modern Framework

SharePoint Modern Webpart: The SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is a page and webpart model that provides full support for client-side SharePoint development, easy integration with SharePoint data and support for open source tooling. With the SharePoint Framework, you can use modern web technologies and tools in your preferred development environment to build productive experiences and apps […]

CI/CD with OpenShift

Overview: Releasing software frequently to users is usually time-consuming and painful process. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery can help organizations to become more agile by automating and streamlining steps involved in going from an idea, change in the market and business requirement to the delivered product to the customer. Jenkins has been a center-piece for […]

Cloud to Cloud migration using Click2Cloud’s multi-cloud management platform – Cloud Brain

What is Cloud Migration? Cloud migration is the process of moving data, applications or other business elements to a cloud computing environment. A cloud migration could also demand moving data and applications from one cloud platform or provider to another known as cloud-to-cloud migration.   Why Cloud Migration? Business need to move to cloud to become agile, competitive and […]

How to on-board new public cloud as back-end in OpenSDS multi-Cloud Project?

On boarding the new public Cloud as back-end in OpenSDS will help users to perform all object storage related operations such as “Create Bucket”, “Delete Bucket”, “Upload Object”, “Download Object”, “Delete Object” directly from OpenSDS application. Also, user will be able to migrate its bucket from any OpenSDS supported public cloud or local storage to […]